A downloadable game for Windows

VR puzzle game in which the planets of our solar system are broken up into chunks (puzzle pieces) and then it is your goal as a player to put them together and in their correct orbit.

The project is meant as an educational tool that facilitates the learning of how many planets there are in our solar system and what they generally look like.

This VR experience could for example be deployed at educational events targeting younger audiences and/or space-related museums/locations (e.g. Kennedy Space Center) to get children and teens more engaged and excited about space.

Seeing as this game requires expensive technology (VR headset, high-end PC), it is unlikely to be deployed in classrooms.


Rafael Brochado - Project Lead, Game Designer
Denis Savosin - Lead Programmer, Project Co-Lead
Justin Park - Programmer
Josh Stanley - Artist
Gabe Snell - Artist
Brian Luft - Sound Effects
Steph Nguyen - Victory BGM


Jigsaw Planets.zip 744 MB

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